¡Hi Google!

The International Childhood Cancer Day is commemorated on 15th of February. It is a very special day, in which visibility is given to this disease, for organizations like ours, that work every day with children and adolescents with cancer.

To get even more visibility, we need to count on Google! We are big fans of the doodles you publish daily on your website, so that, our request is to commemorate that date by showing the International Childhood Cancer Day in your doodle.

It would be very special for these children to be represented in the image of the world’s leading search engine.

Here are some figures of childhood cancer in the world:

– Every year, 250,000 children in the world are diagnosed with cancer.

– 90,000 die each year due to this illness.

– 80% of the children diagnosed in the world are located in underdeveloped countries

– The main challenges the fight against cancer faces in these countries are the restricted access to treatment centers, lack of awareness, the cost of medicines and the lack of beds in oncology units.

We hope you considerate our request ¡Thanks a lot!