Hello everyone. Children, like the Super Heroes we are, have magical powers. Despite this, sometimes we fall sick, just like adults. In this case, there are different ways to heal us: some are amusing, as colorful pills or strawberry syrup. Others are not, such as injections, medical tests or days without going outside.

For sure, first of all we need to know why they have fallen ill. Sometimes it’s easy, when we have been cold or we have fallen, but other times it is more difficult. Some children, like me, we fall ill, but neither our parents nor the physician know why. It happens to us children with cancer and other diseases. They spend weeks or even months until they get the treatment we need. This is a problem because children have to take medicines as soon as possible.

Therefore, on the International Childhood Cancer Day, 30,000 school children were dressed as superheroes to read the manifesto of the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer.Today we speak of a remedy to cure them: early detection. Although I am a bit small and you big, I will explain it to you all: If our family physicians are familiar with the signs of childhood cancer, we can detect cases at risk more quickly. Thus, with a thing called Protocol, our pediatrician will know when a child needs to go to the hospital to do special tests and know their diagnosis.

It is a great medicine, a medicine that has the powers of doctors, nurses and parents as its ingredients- also our own, the children. And we’re not only sending it is children from Spain, but the children of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania also. With our super powers, we want to join the international campaign and call you all to act now against child and adolescent cancer.

Thank you very much for your magic